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CIPD is a qualification that is deemed as the ultimate professional standard in the field of HR. It is accredited and awarded by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. There are three levels of CIPD: foundation, intermediate, and advanced.

The benefit of obtaining this qualification is its recognition across several industries. L&D and HR exist in all sectors, so this qualification will allow you a wide range of career options. Here is a brief HNC assignments sample that can help you understand the examination pattern of CIPD courses. 

Title of Unit/sManaging and Co-ordinating of Human Resources Function
Unit No/s5HRF
Credit value6
Assessment method(s)Written answers to questions
Learning outcomes:  
1. Understanding the key objectives and purpose of HR in contemporary organizations.

2. Understanding how HR objectives are delivered across various organizations.

3. Understanding how HR function can be evaluated in terms of organizational and value-added performance.  

4. Understanding the link between effective HR managing and development and the performance of organizations. 
Assessment brief/activity Provide written answers to the following five questions.

Question 1. Give examples of the basic organizational objectives that are delivered by HR function. Also explain briefly how they have evolved/are evolving in modern organizations. Your answer must also briefly justify HR management in an ethical, just, and professional manner.

Question 2. Briefly summarize two different ways to for delivering HR objectives in organizations. Analyze HR function varies amid organizations of different sizes and sectors.

Question 3. Give a short description of at least two important change management theories, illustrating how they can be applied and evaluated.

Question 4. Your CEO requires a report on how HR function contributes to the company. As preparation of the report, give a summary of the methods and criteria for assessing the contribution of HR function.

Question 5. With consultation from your tutor, select an article that evaluates and identifies evidence connecting HR practices and organizational results. Summarize the findings briefly and state to what extent you find them convincing. Conclude with explaining the impact of investment in human capital and high-performance work on organizational practices.
Evidence to be required/produced.   Written answers to each question of approximately 3,900 words total (divide appropriately among the five questions).   Relate academic theories, professional practices, and theories to organizational operations. The responses should be written in a critical and well-informed manner. References to articles, key texts and other publications must be provided alongside using organizational examples for further illustration.   Correctly acknowledge all references sources and provide a bibliography where appropriate (excluded from the total word count).  
Question 1     AC 1.1, 1.3Some examples you are expected to include (not all) could be:Using people and performance to build organizational capability. Contribution of organization and job design, staffing and performance objectives to organizational change. Promotion of good employment engagement and relations, skills, and career development.  Moreover, they should indicate how HR’s role has evolved by citing strategic partnership, business partnering, etc.   
Question 2     AC 2.1, 2.2Candidates must compare two different models of HR service delivery such as outsourcing, consultancy, or shared services e.g. They should also briefly analyze how the HR function varies in organization belonging to different sectors and of different sizes. Candidates can address this by comparison of role and size of HR service delivery in a multinational organization with an SME.
Question 3     AC 1.2Candidates must provide some examples of change theories including classical ones. These can be Lewin’s three-phase model or more contemporary examples such as Kotter’s eight-stage model. Select one model and show its usage and evaluation method to illustrate understanding.  
Question 4     AC 3.1Give different examples of HR evaluation such as balanced scorecards, metrics, surveys, benchmarking, KPI’s, or SLA’s.
Question 5     AC 4.1, 4.2Identify an article linking positive organizational outcomes with HR practices. Summarize the research findings and comment on their persuasiveness. Answers can include the following points: Connection between high-performing organizations and effective HR practices. Human capital increasing organizational capability. 

This was a basic overview of a 5HRF assignment which can serve as a guideline for your course preparation. Most CIPD qualifications are either L&D or HR focused, allowing candidates to tailor options according to their professional interests. To enroll in a course, you must register with a university, college, or private institute approved be CIPD. There are approved centers in Europe, Ireland, the UK, and internationally.

The fee varies slightly depending on the provider and study mode. However, a rough estimate would be, the advanced level certificate costs between £3,500- £4,500 and advanced diploma between £6,000-£7,000. When choosing a center, check the time period you will be supported for and whether examination and membership fees are included. If your chosen study mode has a residential component as well, then its cost will be additional.

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