5EML ASSIGNMENT Employment Law Examples

CIPD or the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development is one of the oldest and most prestigious HR associations.  Founded in 1913, there members are spread globally and across voluntary, public, and private sectors. It is undoubtedly the leading body for accrediting HR qualifications. Its L&D and HR qualifications are accepted worldwide as benchmarks of professional standards within this industry.

Having a CIPD qualification on your CV shows recruiters and employers that you have gone an extra mile. It shows your eagerness to put in extra effort for gaining more expertise in your chosen field. Of course, there are other qualification which are less well-known yet develop the same skillset. However, the reputation of a CIPD certification holds an upper hand when it comes to credibility.

There are three levels of a CIPD qualification which are:

  • Foundation (Level 3) – Introduction to Human Resources and Learning and Development.
  • Intermediate (Level 5) –Undergraduate level for building further your expertise in HR and L&D.
  • Advanced Level (Level 7) – Postgraduate level of study for experienced professionals of the field.

Completing and progressing through these levels involves considerable hard work, yielding great reward. It is our mission at HND assignment services to guide professionals in reaching their career goals. This 5EML assignment sample will help you understand what the course has in store for you.

Title of unit/s                                                                                       Employment Law
Unit No/S                                                                                               5EML
Assessment method                                             Creating a 30-minute training slide-deck program
Learning outcomes: Upon completing this unit, learners will: Understand the purpose of employment regulation and how it is enforced in practice. Knowing the management of selection and recruitment activities in a lawful sense. Knowing how to bring lawful change and reorganization. Knowing the lawful management of issues relating to work timings and pay.Being able to ensure the lawful treatment of staff within the workplace. Lawful management of disciplinary and performance matters.
As the HR adviser of an organization, you are asked to conduct a 30-minute training session for freshly recruited line managers. Presume that your audience has the most minimal experience in people management and none in employment law. The presentation will serve as a part of their induction process. The brief you will give will be an overview of the legalities they must acknowledge when managing other people. Following are the points you are required to cover: 
The aims and objectives associated with employment law. It is necessary to include the role of the Employment Tribunal and other courts in enforcement of the law. Also touch upon ways for settling disputesbefore and during the process of the Employment Tribunal.    1.1, 1.2, 1.3
The importance of fair selection and recruitment processes of new candidates. While addressing the point also highlight key issues linked to discrimination. Further explain the creation of an employment contract.   2.1, 2.2
The laws organizations need to be aware of keep changing and developing. Address this by outlining the process which must be followed in management of redundancies, employment contracts, and transfer of undertaking.    3.1, 3.2, 3.3
Key employee rights during employment. In this area you must cover pay (equal payment), timings, family friendly rights. These specifically refer to paternity and maternity rights. Highlight those points which you think are the most important for line managers to be aware of. It will be necessary to add at least two implied duties as an example. Also explain what the consequences will be of breaching these duties (this will include mention of constructive dismissal).        4.1, 4.2, 4.3
Protection given by law to employees. Here you must specifically go over health and safety issues. Outline the implied duties of the freedom of association and employment contract.  5.1, 5.2, 5.3
The legal requirement ofaddressing of disciplinary situations relating to conduct and capability. Explain the procedures which must be followed by line managers. Further state employee rights to be accompanies during grievance or formal disciplinary hearings.    6.1, 6.2
Evidence to produce Candidates require to submit the following: A slide deck appropriate for the task attached with adequately detailednotes to demonstrate comprehension and grasp on the topic. Word limit: the notes should not exceed the 3000 wordcount limit.  The presentation should comprise of a maximum of 15 slides.   
Please note you do NOT require presenting this Candidates must link HR related theories, best practices,and concepts to operations within an organization. It should be done in an informed and critical manner,by referring to relevant literaturein various forms. You can also useorganization-based examples for explaining a particular point. While referring to a particular law candidates should mention legislations which apply.When mentioning a key legal issue then always cite related case law. All references should be correctly acknowledged, and bibliography should be provided where required.This material is excluded from the total wordcount for the assignment.

We are certain that this complete overview of CIPD 5EML assignment will help you understand the course’s content. You can boost your skill and credibility with ease by obtaining this qualification. It is not only beneficial for a beginner but will also develop your knowledge as an experienced professional. Studying for it will familiarize you with the latest theories and best practices being applied in the field.

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